4 thoughts on “Chlorine Adds to Quilcene Bay Woes – by JD Gallant

  1. Dear Greenfleet,
    Thank you for this very important work!
    I appreciate your time, effort and diligence, and support your intent.
    Hopefully the powers that be will pursue this,determine exactly what filtration is needed and require some action.
    I imagine Pacific Seafood has the means to resolve this situation and because they claim to be conscientious, responsible members of our community, we need to hold them accountable and insist they remedy the situation.
    Kit Kittredge

  2. I was so impressed by the initiative that you have taken and your approach. I have kept myself out of the loop for may years so it should be no surprise to anyone that I was unaware of why there is concern about the bay relative to the oyster hatchery. The way you presented the concerns and the data to support them seems to me to be the approach that will get the attention of the decision makers.

    The pattern of my life and where i direct my attention is in alignment with what you are doing. i am very appreciative of your work and I want to know about it, although you may not see me at any meetings and you may not be aware of my support.

  3. Thank you for sharing this excellent report. Funny that I am not shocked that ECY did not do its job on this, as have not any other agencies with responsibility on this matter. You asked for comments, and one item of general interest to the public when I make presentations is some perspective on the economics of the subject action. In this case, it would be useful to know the market size for shellfish in Puget Sound overall, and then specifically for oysters, and if possible how the costs for ‘source control’ by the responsible firm may impact its operations: Would it put them out of business, or simply be an additional cost of doing business. In any case, the producer in your case must be slammed, even if it means the demise of their operation. Puget Sound has a mega-billion dollar intrinsic value on its own, and the subject business would represent but a minor fraction of that amount. Thank you for your great work on this. Richard Honour

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