Supporting Docs


CH-1 Chlorine hazards USFWS

CH-2 Fish avoidance of chlorine

CH-3 Bird sanctuary delayed by chlorine BBC

CH-4 Hatchery chlorine disinfection

CH-5 Hatchery Techniques

CH-6 Organic chlorine compounds

CH-7 Chlorine concentration limits – BC

CH-8 WAC – Definitions of acute and chronic

CH-9 WAC for toxic chlorine concentrations

CH-10 Chlorine removal recommendations

CH-11 U of Maryland chlorine removal CH-12 EPA chlorine Part 5


PSP-1 WA Dept of Health report 9-14 Quil Bay

PsP-2 Comprehensive PSP 2011 report with history

PsP-3 Nutrients encourage PSP algae
PsP-4 PPSP distribution in PS, HC 2001
PsP-5 PSP_HoodCanal_100714
PsP-6 PSP-producing algae species


LW-1 SEPA checklist LW-2 SMP – Facility change demands SEPA process

LW-2 SMP – Facility change demands SEPA process

LW-2a Shoreline buffers in SMP

LW-3a WAC 197-11-800 exemptions

LW-4 SMP aquaculture effluent rules

LW-5 SEPA SMP interaction LW-6 State gives county authority

LW-6 State gives county authority

LW-7 Clean Water Act, State – NPDES

LW-8 Clean Water Act, Federal – NPDES

LW-9 Federal Water Pollution Control Act

LW-10 CWA allows citizen suits

LW-11 JCC 18.22 critical areas

LW-12 JCC 18.25 SMP

LW-13 JCC 18.50 Enforcement


LW-15 Jefferson critical areas ordinance

LW-16 JCC 18.25.440 Aquaculture

LW-20 SEPA appellate court rulings

LW-21 WA list of pollutant limits and Coast

LW-22 WAC 173-201A WQ standards

LW-23 WAC 173-201A-020_ Definitions

LW-24 WAC 173-201A-240_ Toxins

LW-24a WAC 173-216-030-Industrial wastewater

LW-25 WAC 220-110-250 Habitats of concern

LW-26 WAC 173-220 rules for NPDES

LW-27 RCW 43.21C.030 county to protect enviro

LW-28 RCW 90.48.010 AKART in WA Policy

LW-29 RCW 90.48.080 no pollutant discharge

LW-31 CFR 40 Water quality standards

LW-32 USC 33.26 – 1948 Pollution Control

LW-33 Fed-Types of pollutants – law

LW-34 CFR 40 131.4 State CWA authority

LW-41 Enviro Issues for Quilcene Bay

LW-42 EPA _ CWA summary

LW-43 EPA wastewater rule

LW-44 FWHCA Wildlife Strategies Document

LW-45 FWHCA_CASP summary

LW-46 CWA summary – EPA

LW-47 CWA summary – Wikipedia

LW-48 USFW Coast pre-Pacific Google pic

LW-50 SEPA Overview

LW-51 SEPA checklist – discharge defined


LW-53 SEPA handbook

LW-54 WAC 197-11 SEPA rules

LW-55 SEPA process with flowchart

LW-56 Shellfish permitting flowchart

RCW 90.48.260 DoE authority

USC 33 1314 SS as a pollutant pg2 left column

WAC 173-201A-300 antidegradation

WAC 173-204 sediment quality standards